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24 Reasons to Join the UBBT 6 July 2, 2008

The UBBT 6 officially begins on January 1, 2009 and ends Feb. 1, 2010.

Join today and start enjoying the benefits of UBBT membership.

  1. You get to be in the care, for 13 months (or longer, if you enroll now), of the UBBT Team’s Coach Tom Callos, widely recognized as one of the most innovative and progressive martial arts teachers, curriculum and business consultants in the martial arts world. All UBBT members get (virtually) unlimited phone access to Tom and a year’s worth of Tom’s e-mails, coaching, video, promotional ideas, and audio programs.

2. You become a member of THE NEW WAY NETWORK -AND get the amazing and revolutionary program THE DIGITAL DOJO student service and martial arts school sales website with your membership.

3. You are automatically enrolled in The National Leadership Team Training program, a step-by-step training program for martial arts teachers and students for authentic and powerful leadership training (designed and organized by UBBT Alumni Gary Engels).

4. Every member of the UBBT has access to, at no extra charge, Dr. Tony Fiore’s 10 hour ANGER COACH ON-LINE teacher training program, the world’s first anger management teacher training program specifically designed for martial arts instructors.

5. Join the UBBT 6 before August 30th, 2008 and you may invite 20 of your students into the program on the UBBT Student Membership -at no additional charge. Call coach Tom for more details. 530-903-0286.

Invite your key members to come train and be a part of the UBBT with you.

6. You get access to the UBBT’s MEMBER’S ONLY website where 100’s of articles, reports, press releases, instructional videos, audio consulting programs, and other instructor-related materials are archived and divided up into topics such as Sales, Staff Training, Curriculum, Ads, and more.

7. You are invited to a weekly Member’s Only STRICTLY BUSINESS Tele-Seminar hosted by martial arts school owner extraordinaire, Chan Lee -and co-hosted by marketing and management expert Allen Oelschlaeger.

8. All UBBT Members get a weekly TEAM-Motivation Tele-seminar with Tom Callos (all calls are recorded and kept in our archives).

9. UBBT 6 participants are invited to three extraordinary Member Events. In March of 2009, Team 6 will be refurbishing a 1900’s era schoolhouse (a historic Rosenwald School) in rural Alabama with housing activist Pam Dorr, members of the Rural Studio, and participants in the legendary “Project M.” In July of 2009, team members will hike the Pacific Crest Trail for 4 days and 3 nights with Dave Kovar, Tom Callos, Chan Lee and other UBBT participants. The third UBBT 6 event will take place in beautiful San Francisco, California at UBBT Alumni Mike and Karen Valentine’s school, the first school in the nation to be Green Certified.

10. UBBT 6 members become team members with 75 UBBT Alumni such as Dave Kovar, Bill Kipp, Charles Chi, Lance Farrell, Dave McNeill, Ray Neill, Chris Natzke, Mike and Karen Valentine, Tommy Lee, Peter Johnson, Skip Ewing, Nancy Walzog, Alicia Kastner, Kelley Weatherford, Sam Bishaw, and others. You would be hard pressed to find a better support team or a team to get advice and business/martial arts help from.

11. You can, if you qualify (time and talent), test for your next black belt rank, up to 8th dan.

12. You receive a monthly e-mail newsletter, “Healing Arts Newsletter” (or “You break ‘em, You Fix ‘em”) co-written by 8th Dan Master Dave McNeill and his niece, Dr. Leah McNeill (both UBBT alumni). Learn about the philosophy and healing practices of Master Seishiro “Henry” Okazaki(1890 -1951; a Japanese American healer, martial artist, and founder of Danzan Ryu jujitsu).

13.You receive the weekly Charles Chi Words of the Week. “The best motivational material in the martial arts world.” -Tom Callos

14. All UBBT Team 6 members receive the art for two educational teaching tool flashcard sets from Tom Callos’ teaching series, Take 5 for Education: The Top 10 Killers of Adult Males and Females; tools for teaching self-defense relevant to today’s world.

15. Member’s who enroll before January 1, 2009 don’t pay for the additional time in the UBBT program; receive all the benefits with no extra cost.

16. Members receive free coaching in the development of an INTELLIGENT CURRICULUM® as designed by Tom Callos.

17. Joining the UBBT give you a reason to get in the best shape of your life.

18. The UBBT gives you a vehicle to inspire your students to be better martial artists and better people.

19. The UBBT allows you to promote the martial arts in the healthiest way, not by ad or gimmick, but by your own journey and requirements for testing. The UBBT is an advanced martial artist taking his or her martial arts “out of the dojo and into the world.

20. Joining the UBBT allows you to enjoy the benefits of national press coverage. The UBBT has been featured in publications such as What is Enlightenment? Dwell, Origin, Black Belt, and Lime magazines -along with hundreds of newspapers worldwide.

21. UBBT members are at the forefront of a new movement in martial arts education. The UBBT Team is responsible for programs involving dietary self-defense, diabetes education (www.defeatdiabetes.org), anger management, The Environmental Self-Defense Initiative, The Peace Education Campaign, and others.

22. UBBT members, as a team, are afforded access to knowledge and personalities friendly to the UBBT movement. Members of the teams have met and trained with or under Thich Nhat Hahn, Dan Millman, Academy Award winning filmmaker Nancy Walzog, housing activist Pam Dorr and students of The Rural Studio, BJ Penn, Frank Shamrock, Jason Scott Lee, Bong Soo Han, Ernie Reyes, Sr., Bill Kipp, Cecil Peoples, David Meyer, and others.The UBBT is the only black belt test in the world of its kind. It is the only black belt test in the world that has a goal of not only changing the lives of its participants, but in improving the quality of martial arts training and testing in the international martial arts community.

23. The UBBT is the first non-style specific black belt test in the world -and one where members are not judged simply on their physical accomplishments, but on their ability to make change in the lives of people in their sphere of influence.

24. Members of the UBBT 6 get to engage in a historic martial arts undertaking called THE 1000 PROJECTS CAMPAIGN. It is the goal of the entire UBBT teams and all of their combined students to accomplish and record a total of 1000 community-based projects by the end of the UBBT 6. The project is a tribute to the great martial arts teacher and activist, Grand Master Jhoon Rhee.

25. (OK, a BONUS!) Tom Callos has written new educational curriculum called “The I am PROJECT. It is a 13 week Directed Writing and Thinking Program for all UBBT 6 members.